Breakout Manchester RSS Feed RSS feed for Breakout Manchester en-us Copyright (C) 2014 Breakout Manchester Blog Entry No.1 We are Breakout Manchester, we are a live room escape game situated in Central Manchester. We challenge members of the public to be locked in one of our puzzle rooms for 60 minutes while they attempt to escape. With the clock ticking down rapidly the challengers search franticly to find clues and solve puzzles to hopefully piece together all the elements they need to Breakout. Opening to the public on May 27th 2014 we launched with just our John Monroe Detective Office in which players raced to solve the murder of John Monroe and prove their own innocence. Our second room opened on June 6th 2014, branded Virus for its scientifically themed challenge where players watched their time run out while trying to save the world from a Viral outbreak. Since this date we have now expanded our once small centre to be able to contain a whopping 5 games. Each one of our rooms contains its own theme and difficulty of challenges appealing to all that play. A second Breakout centre, which is situated in Manchesterrsquo;s Great Northern, was launched on January 31st 2015, the games their make up our twin 6th and 7th rooms in which players are set an exam to complete their final stages of secret agent training. Since our two sites have launched we have been challenging all of Manchester to escape the clutches of our puzzle rooms, and have recently branched out west to challenge the citizens of Liverpool to attempt to Breakout. Mon, 30 Mar 2015 18:40:33 +0100 Charity Day Last month here at Breakout we decided to have a charity day where we picked 3 charities and dedicated each one a room. The room that was dedicated to them was open to the public to book but the full proceeds of that room were donated to them. In total pound;764 was rasied. nbsp;The 3 charities we chose were The Christie, Roy Castle Lung Cancer and Just Jack. The Christie were given the Virus room along with bookings they also had a charity bucket in reception. In total they received pound;362.nbsp; Roy Castle Lung Cancer were given the Madchester room unfortunately this room wasn't as busy but we still managed to raise pound;129. Just Jack were given Sabotage which raised pound;273. So the overall total we raised was pound;764. In a few months we are planning to arrange another day which we hope will beat this total!nbsp; If you know of anyone that would be interested in being involved or a charity that you think would like to be involved, contact us at Thu, 09 Apr 2015 10:37:33 +0100 Is this the best job in the world? We've been there, waking up Monday morning and dreading having to go to work, often wondering what the best job in the world is... Actually, no, we haven't. We know what the best job in the world is! And we bet you want to know too. Well, here at Breakout we have the best job in the world! Each day we wake up smiling. Why? Well, because every day we have friends, families, couples, work colleagues and even first dates come through our doors. Once inside the lobby and sat down they can't help but play with the various puzzles or attempt a Rubik's Cube that we have on our table. All while wondering what exactly is beyond the mysterious doors that branch off in different directions from the lobby. After a brief health and safety followed by the unique introduction to the room, we send them in with a story playing in their head nbsp;and then lock the door. For the next hour, their entertainment is our entertainment! From our very comfy chairs we watch their progress via CCTV and in Madchester we're even able to hear them, as they run, stumble and even fumble their way through the room's many puzzles and locks. All this while shouting, pointing and out-right accusing each other for their various mishaps and troubles. When the clock is ticking down and the tension continues to build, everyone is to blame. It's pain and gain. We have the atmosphere, the fun and the amazing people that are always smiling - and that is just those locked in our rooms. The best part of our jobs are those we meet, particularly after the adrenaline has been pumping and they've managed to escape the room with only seconds remaining after solving a murder, stopping a deadly virus or even preventing a missile from launching. What's a bit of fun without a bit of destruction, hey? Our games are addictive, our staff are friendly and those that play can't get enough and after their hearts stop racing and their mind's are able to relax, they quickly book another game with us. They break out only to be put back in again, that's how great this job really is. nbsp; Mon, 13 Apr 2015 14:04:44 +0100 Still no clue what we do, here's some info for you! You must be wondering what actually goes on here at Breakout and why we lock people in a room for an hour? Well because its fun of course! You have 60 mintues to escape a locked room by solving clues and puzzles. We currently have 6 completley different themed rooms each with a difficulty rating out of 5.nbsp; When you come down to us we will give you a short health and safety brief which is mainly common sense of don't put fingers in plug sockets, climb on furntiture etc. nbsp;We then tell you the good part, your story line and lock you away. Here is our Price List: Off Peak (Monday 10.30am - Friday 5pm)2ppl - pound;36 (pound;18 per person)3ppl - pound;48 (pound;16 per person)4ppl - pound;56 (pound;14 per person)5ppl - pound;65 (pound;13 per person)Peak (Friday 5pm - Sunday 9.30pm)2ppl - pound;40 (pound;20 per person)3ppl - pound;51 (pound;17 per person)4ppl - pound;64 (pound;16 per person)5ppl - pound;75 (pound;15 per person) nbsp; Why not pay us a visit and book now at breakoutmanchester.comnbsp; Mon, 27 Apr 2015 13:16:58 +0100 Breakout's 1st Birthday On the 22nd of May Breakout has it's first birthday! This year has flown by and we've come a very long away since we opened 12 months ago.nbsp; We first opened with just one room, our classic John Monroe's Detective Office. It wasn't a smooth start to begin with, there were 4 members of staff no furniture in reception and wires galore. We then opened up our Virus room. Bookings were coming in slowly and a few more members of staff were hired. The Breakout Family began to grow.nbsp; The next step was opening up a completely unique 3rd room. This room was themed around 90's Manchester and was intended to be random and difficult. It wasn't anticipated to be as difficult as it was! Staff are used as guinea pigs with new rooms so stepped up one member of staff and a couple of friends. They came out broken people it was that hard. Madchester was born. A couple of months later a new room idea was in the pipeline and staff had a chance to get involved with the making of it. This room became Sabotage which is one of our most popular rooms.nbsp; With the start of 2015 we opened our 5th room infiltrate and also expanded to our second site in Manchester which is located in the Great Northern. Here we opened Classified, for the first time in the North West an escape game opened where two teams could race against each other. nbsp; In March 2015 we also opened a centre in Liverpool. nbsp; Breakout has come a incredibly long way in the past year, the rooms and the center are constantly developing and we have a few very exciting plans for the future. nbsp; A massive thank you has to go out to all our customers, we would not be anywhere without you and also to every single member of staff who has ever worked for Breakout. Thank you so much. nbsp; A few stats: nbsp; Number of games played 9,502 Number of players who have played: 31,357 Number of escapees. 12,424 nbsp; nbsp; Ed Roberts, Director. Tue, 26 May 2015 15:30:54 +0100 Breakout Franchise Here at Breakout we like to keep things close and personal, that's why 6 of our rooms have been created internally by Breakout Manchester. Over the past year Breakout Manchester has become a one of the most succesful escape rooms in the UK and we believe that's down to the excellent design flow and unique story lines that are the key to our success. You can now purchase any of our 6 rooms to franchise and start up your own escape room anywhere in the world. We will help you every step of the way by adapting each room to the space avaliable, we will also send experienced members of staff over to you to assist you with the set up and answer any questions you may have. We can also provide a consultation to help make your centre become as successful with a personal marketing plan. We have already franchised some of our rooms to Finland and Crete.nbsp; Here at Breakout Manchester we have had 31,375 gamers through our door. We've also had 14,424 escapees and 9,502 teams that have played.nbsp; For more information visit our website, www.theescaperoomfranchise.comnbsp; Any enquries about this drop us an email at hello@breakoutmanchester.comnbsp; Fri, 26 Jun 2015 11:43:27 +0100 Manager's Stories Being a manager here at Breakout we get to see and hear some very interesting things, from and staff and customers. When one of our managers Kate first started she thought she was doing a good deed and started to water the plants. These plants are in fact fake and she didn't realise until someone else told her. Kate also used mouth spray for a week thinkng it was hand sanitiser. Another highlight was when she was told to tidy our storage cupboard and came across a brick, instead of throwing it away she decided to tidy it away in a drawer. Our Liverpool Centre Manager Dan forgot to insert paper into a laminating sheet and put it through alone. Safe to say this did not work, it melted and broke. One of our game operators Jenah thought you had to pre-charge rechargable batteries before use. Simon one of the game operators came out with this classic quote when someone was ill in the office "DON'T COME NEAR ME I HAVEN'T GOT THE ANTI BODIES AND I HAVE A WEDDING IN TWO WEEKS" Frankie a game operator was told to use double sided tape but started trying to peel black duct tape and was wondering why it wasn't working! Here at Breakout we don't have a great concept of size when ordering items for our rooms. Many items have arrived smaller then we anticipated like posters, photo frames, name badges and "life size skeletons". We also like to play tricks on each other like scaring each other but the best and most deadliest thing you could do here is.... leave your facebook page logged in. The customers also keep us entertained, especially when they turn up dressed as Ginger Spice or arrive straight after their wedding ceremony all dressed up. nbsp; Tue, 28 Jul 2015 10:40:39 +0100 The most FUN team building activity you'll ever do!! Breakout is not just for groups of friends and families, it is great for work colleagues and team buidling events too. How is Breakout good for this you ask? With 5 different themed rooms we can accommodate 25 people an hour. Team Building Our rooms our perfect as it requires groups to get stuck in and work as a team. The puzzles require mental ability including numerical and literal clues to help escape. Itrsquo;s something unique to get the groups to work together under pressure but also fun. If you would like to observe them inside the rooms we can allow managers to watch the games from the control room to see how their teams work together. Our rooms are also great for ice breakers as being locked in a room requires you to problem solve and work together for the ultimate goal of escaping. Escape times For each teams we record the escape times so if required we can forward these on to you along with the team photos so you have these on record. Veeno Directly below us is a wine cafe called Veeno, which provides wine and Italian buffet food. We can provide you with the package they offer. They also give 10% discount to customers that have been to play if they provide one of our business cards. Prices Off Peak (Monday 10.30am - Friday 5pm) 2ppl - pound;36 (pound;18 per person) 3ppl - pound;48 (pound;16 per person) 4ppl - pound;56 (pound;14 per person) 5ppl - pound;65 (pound;13 per person) nbsp; Peak (Friday 5pm - Sunday 9.30pm) 2ppl - pound;40 (pound;20 per person) 3ppl - pound;51 (pound;17 per person) 4ppl - pound;64 (pound;16 per person) 5ppl - pound;75 (pound;15 per person) For more information contact us directly on 01618398012 or hello@breakout nbsp; Wed, 26 Aug 2015 13:12:26 +0100 Charity Day #2 Last month Breakout hosted another charity day across both of our sites. Here in Manchester all our proceeds went toward The Christie Charity and in our Liverpool site we supported Imagine If.nbsp; Lots of fun was had by all who came to play and in Manchester we raised a grand total ofnbsp; pound;900! The team with the quickest escape time also won a lovely hamper. The Christie We raised money for The Christie on our last charity day, alongside other charities, way back in March and we were proud to help raise money for them again. The Christie is a national cancer specialist based in Manchester and theyrsquo;re largest single site cancer centre in Europe, treating more than 44,000 patients a year.nbsp; Social Media On the day we took to social media and posted regular updates on how the day was going and it was a huge success.nbsp;nbsp; Tue, 17 Nov 2015 16:21:53 +0000 Breakout High Street Breakout Manchester now has a second site over on High Street! This is located at the back of the Arndale. This site has the potential for 7 new escape rooms and it has opened with 3 rooms already. Two of these rooms are brand new to Breakout and one is a copy of an original game. The three rooms are: Monroersquo;s Detective Office- This game is an identical copy of John Monroersquo;s Detective Office which is also at our main site, located on Brazennose Street by the town hall. Detective Monroe has been murdered under very suspicious circumstances and YOU are being framed for it. A series of clues have been left for you, to help you clear your name and solve the mystery as to who killed Detective Monroe! Facility X- You arrive at an unknown location for a once in a lifetime opportunity; a conference held by the critically acclaimed, Dr. Andrews. What you donrsquo;t know, is that Dr. Andrews has gone crazy, and has locked you away in his lab as his latest experiment. You have one hour to escape his tricks and games, before it's too late! Vacancy- You arrive at your hotel, Exhausted after a very long journey, you're ready to relax when all of a sudden, an ominous sixty minute clock begins to countdown and nonbsp;matter how hard you try, the door just will not open. Welcome to Crimson Lake Motel. You check in, but you NEVER check out...nbsp; These rooms are great for people who have played all our other rooms at our main site! nbsp; Thu, 07 Jan 2016 20:29:00 +0000 Most Wanted has landed! Breakout Manchester has a brand new room; it has everything yoursquo;d expect from an escape room ndash; nbsp;tonnes of puzzles, tonnes of padlocks and the usual panic inducing challenges. However, this time there is a TWIST. A true test of nerve and skill that is already breaking newbiersquo;s and professional exit game playerrsquo;s hearts! If you havenrsquo;t heard about Most Wantedhellip; where have you been? nbsp; The new addition to our collection of games resides at Breakout High Street; our centre that sits opposite the Arndale Food Market and across from the Co-op. We are right on the edge of the Northern Quarter and Market Street, about a 6/7 minute walk away from our other site opposite the Town Hall. nbsp; Before you play; think cowboys, bounty hunters, saloon bars and poker chips. The Wild West has really taken over Manchesterhellip; havenrsquo;t you seen the tumbleweeds rolling through Piccadilly? nbsp; Once you are in true character ( cowboy boots and sheriff boots optional ) be prepared for a jam packed hour solving puzzles to escape the room although make sure you escape with enough time left to go delving back in to find bonus puzzles to complete! You are bounty hunters collecting loot ndash; try not to leave any behind if you can! Be warned, if you donrsquo;t escape yoursquo;ll quickly become Breakout Manchesterrsquo;s Most Wanted and be locked up for the rest of the night! nbsp; Most Wanted is our first game to include an element of risk ndash; even some of our staff couldnrsquo;t handle the pressure.nbsp; Two of our very own managers didnrsquo;t even ldquo;break outrdquo; ndash; their ldquo;I Nearly Broke Outrdquo; picture now haunts them in our office under the word FAILURE. For all you guys who do come and play, there is a leaderboard for you to reach to the top of! So please do come prepared for Most Wanted; grab your best hat, your best team mates and get stuck in! We are looking for a champion, could it be you? Book Now! Mon, 14 Mar 2016 15:07:44 +0000 Charitable Connections Hello, nbsp; On Thursday 21stnbsp;April 2016, Breakout Manchester and Liverpool are hosting a charity day which we would love you to be part of. nbsp; In 2015, Breakout contacted some local charities and gave them our rooms for a day. This altered nothing from our end of the as these rooms would be running anyway, we took them off the booking system, told the charities our prices and let them book the slots themselves and take the money we would have received as a direct donation. In both Manchester and Liverpool we have worked with charities such as The Christie, Joining Jack, Parkinsonrsquo;s UK, Imagine If Trust, Barnardo's and many more. nbsp; For this April, we are proposing that we go national and get as many exit games involved and have a day dedicated to giving to charity. We at Breakout were wondering if you would be interested in giving some or all of your rooms to charities of your choosing on this day? nbsp; Please see a link to our article on Exit Games ( about our national charity day and if you would like to get involved please reply to this message for more information. nbsp; We do hope you get involved. nbsp; Thank you, nbsp; Breakoutnbsp; Tue, 19 Apr 2016 13:57:54 +0100 Time to Detect For those of you that have been with Breakout since our beginning in May 2014, you may remember that we only opened our centre with two rooms: John Monroersquo;s Detective Office and Virus. For those of you that have only found us more recently, that was genuinely where we began. What people may not know is that John Monroe was a franchised room, as we wanted to make sure we started the company with a game that worked and we couldnrsquo;t mess up. After two years, we realised that while John Monroe is so important to our story, we needed to own the fact that wersquo;re definitely a force to be reckoned with in the escape game industry and we definitely know what wersquo;re doing now. So, we wanted to keep the murder mystery theme as itrsquo;s such a lovely idea and great fun, but wersquo;ve completely redesigned the puzzles and overall game play of the room. This is the reason why we have a slight difference in our room list now and have the new addition of lsquo;The Detective Roomrsquo;. If you wanted to try John Monroe itrsquo;s still available at our High Street site (but who knows when this might change as well). While the regeneration of this room is really exciting, recognising our starting point is important to us and really serves to show how far wersquo;ve come. We started with 2 rooms in an old hair dressing academy, with three staff and a director. By the end of August 2014, wersquo;d opened up a new room (MADchester) which from concept to completion was completely internal. We designed MADchester to be fiendishly difficult and with nervous anticipation opened it to the public to see if we got it right. We definitely had, nearly two years later, MADchester still retains its average of a 10% success rate. From developing MADchester, we went on to open Sabotage, another 5* room, this time our director worked with staff interested in game development, so they could see what that entailed. Despite its difficulty level, Sabotage remains one of our most popular games, something about stopping a missile launch and saving the day must really appeal to people. It was our next phase which really saw us cutting our teeth on something new. We created a pop-up site further down Deansgate in Manchester at the Great Northern. Not only was a pop up a potential risk, but the two games it held were identical, might seem like a silly idea, but we actually created the concept of a race game, where teams could book both rooms at the same time and directly race each other to the endpoint. Again, people seemed to jump on this idea and Classified remained popular for the entirety of its existence. As Classified was coming to an end, we werenrsquo;t willing to slow down our development and rebuilt the very large Virus room, making way for the new Infiltrate as well. Our next phase was even more exciting and scary than the Classified project, we opened a whole new site in a whole new city. February 2015 saw several of the, now, well established Manchester team head to Liverpool to open a new centre there. Unlike when we opened Manchester, we were no longer brand new to the game and opened with 3 games, two from Manchester (Sabotage and Classified) and a brand new one exclusive to Liverpool. We quickly opened a fourth room in Liverpool with The Facility, a horror room and our first to have an age restriction! Again several months later, Liverpool opened its fifth room, Wanted, and now matched the flagship Manchester centre in size. This fifth room in Liverpool was not only well themed, but also had another new twist that wersquo;ve never seen anywhere else. Wanted is a really fun Wild West theme, but, without giving anything away, you also pick a side before entry and play a game based on that. You can play Most Wanted twice and play a completely different game each time! After a few months to finally breathe, sit back and realise what wersquo;d manage to create in 18 months, we jumped straight back into development and opened a whole second site in Manchester on High Street. Unlike the Classified site, this site is not a pop up and we intend to be around for as long as the contract allows. We opened High Street with three games; another Monroersquo;s Detective Office, Vacancy and Facility X (a similar theme to Liverpoolrsquo;s The Facility game, but with completely different game play and puzzles). We didnrsquo;t stop there though and within two months opened Most Wanted (again, a similar theme to Wantedrsquo;s popular theme in Liverpool, but thatrsquo;s where the games similarity ends). Most Wanted saw another new concept for Breakout as it introduced a leader-board and our first game where escaping is not the only objective. Hot off the heels of Most Wanted, we then launched Cursed Carnival in Liverpool, another creepy room with brilliant theming. When you see this all written down, it really does make you sit back and realise how much wersquo;ve achieved in such a short space of time and how much wersquo;ve grown as a company but also as professionals. Every promotion within Breakout has been internal and all our higher management, including franchising, training and development, PR and centre managers started as game operators. Even outside of management, Breakout allows people to push their potential. When I mentioned Sabotage before, I stated how the director worked with staff in its creation, but from Classified onwards he allowed people with a passionate idea to create rooms they had interesting concepts for and he would consult on these. From here though, a game development role was created so that people creating rooms had someone to go to in order to make sure the theming of the room was on point, this expanded to a development team and we even created a secondment of lsquo;Puzzle Masterrsquo; so that therersquo;s a person to consult with to make puzzles to suit the type of game you want to create. Therersquo;s so much development happening all the time, and it hasnrsquo;t stopped now. Even as I type this there are people developing two new games at our High Street site, that wersquo;ll announce soon (#Teaser), and a team in Cardiff about to open our brand new centre there (this means wersquo;renbsp; international now, yes?). Cardiff is starting life with our Sabotage and Classified games, but no doubt will start to grow at the exponential rate Manchester and Liverpool did. We canrsquo;t wait to get to know the new additions to the Breakout family. All this. ALL of this started from two games, in a site without signs that no one could find, with a concept no one understood. We started with Virus, we started with John Monroe, we started with three young members of staff and after all of this, itrsquo;s important for the 1 director, 13 managers and 55 game operators to remember those lovely, tiny beginnings.nbsp; Tue, 31 May 2016 20:35:24 +0100 Reclassified is here! Breakout Manchester has launched two brand new rooms Reclassified Blue and Reclassified Green at our high street location. As you can probably guess from the names they are identical rooms apart from the colours, Reclassified Blue and Green are out new spy rooms which put you too the ultimate final test and it is like nothing Breakout Manchester have done before. It is a four star difficulty room so we haven't made it too easy for you, with a mixture between puzzles, riddles and all sorts of new exciting things. With this being the ultimate final test we have made the rooms more technical and physical, with a shooting range and a buzz wire so you will need to use a lot more than your brain! They allow two teams race against each other at the same time, but if you don't fancy racing anyone you can also play in a single team. It's the perfect room to test how well you work with your families, friends and even work colleagues. Why not get everyone from your office down to race against each other. Reclassified is perfect to test how well you can work together as a team and if you can do it under pressure but still have fun, with also having two exact rooms means there is more competition between groups wanting to be the victorious group to breakout first. Our rooms are good for team building exercises as it requires teams to work together and with our puzzles being a mental challenge for the brain it requires teams to work well under pressure. Just like our classified rooms in Cardiff and Liverpool they have a similar theme but the puzzles are different. If you don't fancy becoming a spy and playing Reclassified we now have 11 rooms altogether between our two locations in Manchester. With our 11 different themed rooms we can now accommodate up to 55 people an hour between our two sites. If you fancy a change of scene we do have Breakout Liverpool which has 6 rooms and can accommodate 30 people an hour, we also have our new Breakout in Cardiff which currently has 3 rooms and can hold 15 people. So if you fancy booking in for your office or playing our new rooms please feel free to contact us directly on 01618398012 or nbsp; Wed, 10 Aug 2016 12:28:44 +0100 Keep fresh carry on As you may have noticed, October was a busy month for all 3 of our Breakout sites. We opened a new room in each city we are based in. We openednbsp;The Heistnbsp;innbsp;Liverpool,nbsp;Manchesternbsp;openednbsp;Capturednbsp;andnbsp;Cardiffnbsp;openednbsp;Disturbed. In Captured, It's time to play a game.nbsp;Some people are so ungrateful to be alive. If you survive this room you won't be.nbsp;One minute you are leading a normal life, going about your daily business, the next you are captured. You wake up in an abandoned basement with no idea how you got there. A video begins to play and the clock starts to count down. You have 60 minutes to escape, or your life will end. The process of opening a new room is very exciting for us and we love working towards bringing you guys the best possible rooms to play in! The process always begins when a property is purchased, we take a look at the layout of the building and work out how many rooms we can fit in there so that we know for future reference. Once wersquo;ve moved into the property, we can then start opening new rooms on a regular basis. This is important to us as we like bringing you new and exhilarating rooms you can immerse yourself into and it keeps us fresh and reminds us that wersquo;re always able to learn. Once wersquo;re ready to open a new room, we start the process with an empty slate, and collect ideas around all members of staff on what the theme of the room should be. This is important as itrsquo;s great to hear everyonersquo;s ideas, and it also helps create even newer ideas by bouncing different concepts off each other. Once everyone has had their say on the new room, a team is then put together to solely focus on creating the room. The team then get together to decide on a vague storyline for the room to give everyone a basic idea on how the puzzles should link with the storyline, and how the decoration of the room should look. A project manager is chosen who works with each individual member of the team to help ensure that all deadlines are met and that all areas of the room are as good as they can be. Next, our puzzle master works on creating the most important part of our rooms ndash; THE PUZZLES! The puzzle masters job is to (yes, you guessed it!) create all puzzles which will go into the room for you guys to sink your teeth into. This task involves a lot of pressure, as you can imagine, just think of an escape room in which the puzzles arenrsquo;t great, but our puzzle master always pulls through for us which is why you love our rooms so much! Once the Puzzle Master has formed an idea of the game play, itrsquo;s time for the game development team to make everything hit the theme. These guys make our rooms look incredible, and make you feel truly immersed in the storyline. They order paints, wallpaper, decorations, props and also your favourite things everhellip; red herrings! Once everything is good and ready to go, test games are held for all staff members. These are very important as it helps to highlight any issues there are with the game, such as puzzles which donrsquo;t work or are too difficult, or where the storyline needs tweaking to match the room a bit more. The test games also help us get a better idea of what difficulty rating the room will be, as we can look at the success rate from the first wave of test games and decide whether more puzzles need to be added to make it a bit more difficult, or take out smaller puzzles to make it a little easier. Once the test games are finished, the room is ready to open for the public, which is where you guys play your part! We would love to hear any feedback you have from playing our new rooms, so be sure to get in touch and tell us what you enjoyed most about our new room. If you are yet to play any, be sure to head over to shy;ournbsp;Liverpool,nbsp;Manchesternbsp;ornbsp;Cardiffnbsp;sites to book now! Fri, 04 Nov 2016 13:41:47 +0000 Why not lock up someone you love this Christmas? Stuck for Christmas present ideas? Why not try Breakout! Christmas is fast approaching, and everyone knows at least one person who is difficult to buy gifts for. Whether you're sick of buying soap, candles and socks, a game at Breakout can be a great alternative present. Our games are the perfect gift for that fussy friend or family member - we lock them in a room for an hour and test their brain power with our puzzles, riddles and clues to see if they can escape. It's much more exciting than yet another rainy-day boardgame, with the bonus of our rooms being toasty warm while the Winter weather keeps us all indoors. Group sizes can range between two to five players in a room, so you can even come along to play with whoever you buy the game for (if they want you on their team, that is!). You can either book directly and send them off, or you can phone whichever city interests you and ask them to email you a voucher after you've purchased the game! With a wide variety of difficulty levels in our rooms, you can even choose how challenging you want the game to be. So if you want to test how clever your family members really are, you could go for a five-star difficulty room like Sabotage (in Manchester,nbsp;Liverpoolnbsp;andnbsp;Cardiff) or Madchester (in Manchester). Or if you want to be kind and start them off with something easier, our three-star rooms like Identify (innbsp;Chester), Cursed Carnival or The Detective Office might be the best place to begin. If you know someone who has been down to play our games before and are keen to return for another round of escaping, they might enjoy a medium level of difficulty such as our four-star rooms Virus, The Facility or Wanted so they can put their skills to the test yet again. There's also the option of choosing your room by theme based on what your friend or family member would enjoy more - got a cousin who is a massive fan of the seven seas an all things pirate-y? Then Shipwrecked in our Liverpool centre would be perfect! The team of treasure hunters are to sneak on board the wreck of the Soldado, haunted by the ghostly Captain Chivers - steal his treasure within an hour and live to tell the tale, if not then become part of the skeleton crew! Or if you have a friend who is a big fans of crime dramas, then Cardiff's newest room would be the perfect gift to buy for them. In Disturbed, the team discover a gruesome crime scene in a warehouse, the last known whereabouts of PC Richards who has been missing for over a week. Investigate the scene and work out what happened to make your escape! With our centres being based in city centre locations in Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff and our newest addition in Chester, you can easily make a day of treating that special someone who already has everything! You could add a game of Breakout to the list of activities for the day as each game lasts for an hour, so if you're giving the gift of a day out in the city, a stop off at Breakout can be a nice break from the cold weather of the Christmas markets or a way to get your brain into gear after a meal out. We're open from 10am to 10pm seven days a week, so even if the person who receives a game with us a gift is always busy, it should be easy to find a time that suits them to come down and play! If this is your thing then visit the website of the city you're interested in sending your loved ones to now! Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:10:22 +0000 Red Bull at Breakout! Every year the giants that are Red Bull create hundreds of fantastic competitive events. These span a plethora of activities, such as surfing, skating, the Flugtag and, a personal favourite, the Soap Box Race, to name a few. There are thousands of competitive events around the world, but Red Bull manage to bring something extra to theirs and create an infectious atmosphere that audiences are drawn into even if they're watching on a screen thousands of miles away. This year Red Bull created the M1NDG4M3RS event 'Mission Enoch', which involved releasing some brain games / mental strategy puzzles online and ranking people as they played them. These were logic based visual puzzles that were very hands on and involved you creating trails from one point to another or moving obstacles to clear them. While gamers enjoyed taking on the challenges posed by these games, results from them were used to create a leaderboard and the top twenty players from each country were invited to their nearest LIVE qualifying event. We were really intrigued about the whole premise of this event, but were even more excited when we were chosen to host both the UK qualifiers at our Breakout Manchester High Street centre on December 5th and Breakout Cardiff on December 7th. Red Bull fridges arrived on each of our premises (even Breakout Liverpool got to join the fun) in order to promote the event and each centre found different puzzles our customers had to solve to access a free drink before their games. The night before our qualifiers, Red Bull arrived equipment in tow and spent the evening setting up the interactive 'cube' that would be the basis of the live event. After a few hours of watching mystery screens and wires disappearing from our reception into Reclassified in Manchester and Classified in Cardiff, the set up was done and we all got to go home and await the following day for the public to arrive. In the morning yet more pieces of equipment arrived; desks, laptops, fridges (FILLED with Red Bull for the gamers) and a huge team from the Red Bull Events division. We were ready to go. Throughout the day gamers would arrive and try their hand at the qualifier. Some of these were Wild Card teams, simply turning up to have a go and, of course, the leaderboard gamers themselves. One by one, teams of four disappeared into our newly kitted out rooms and spent twenty minutes trying to take the puzzles down through its various stages. This conception was designed using logic, creativity, visual thinking and strategy, similar to the processed BReakout base our game play on when we're in design. @RedBullMindGamenbsp;and@RedBullUK tweeted about the event as the day progressed and teams could also tweet in their various results and lay the gauntlet down without knowing how they themselves had yet ranked. The competition was fierce, the stakes were high, but the ultimte result was just fun, fun and fun. At the end of the day the team to have succeeded in the quickest time were deemed the winners of that qualifier and got to progress to the next round. The final stage of these qualifiers is in March next year and is a unique escape game tournament being held in BUDAPEST! The idea of a trip to Budapest is already amazing, but what got us giddy is how fitting it is as Hungary is where the concept of live escape games had its inception. This industry view Budapest as the spiritual home of what we do, so it feels so right tht this is where this event would end. There is a reason Red Bull are at the forefront of what they do. Tue, 13 Dec 2016 15:00:19 +0000 Things to do for the perfect day in Manchester... Everyone loves discovering new places to find and explore in Manchester, right?! We asked around at the Breakout HQ to gather intel, and together have compiled a list of recommended new places to visit. Follow our guide to guarantee that yoursquo;ll have the perfect day out in the UKrsquo;s best city (in our opinion, anyway!). Why not kick-start your day by enjoying one of Moose Coffeersquo;s American-Diner influenced breakfasts? Or, if yoursquo;re a late starter, be sure to try their brunch experience, which includes their very own Moose blend espresso coffee. After yoursquo;ve devoured your American-influenced breakfast, head down to Breakout Manchester for the ultimate gaming experience. Get locked in a room for 60 minutes and solve a combination of clues, riddles and general brain bogglers in a bid to lsquo;breakoutrsquo;. All you have to do is find yourself the perfect team of 2-5 people and decide on a room you wish to play. With two locations in Manchester, one opposite the Town Hall and one on High Street, we can accommodate 60 people per hour across both sites. With 12 rooms in total, we have a wide variety of rooms, from lsquo;The Detective Officersquo;, in which yoursquo;re involved in solving a murder, to escaping a murderer in lsquo;Capturedrsquo;. The rooms range in difficulty, starting from 2 stars, but, if yoursquo;re up for a challenge, working their way up to a very challenging 5 stars. If your day revolves around food, donrsquo;t fear ndash; wersquo;ve got it covered! If you want anything at all, ranging from sandwiches to pies, be sure to visit Abel Heywood. Located in the Northern Quarter, Abel Heywood are a unique pub and boutique hotel. Boasting a classic Victorian feel, this unique pub is jam-packed with character and offers a wide variety of food and cocktails. If you fancy something different, they hold bi-weekly quiz nights (hosted by Quizzly Bears), with guaranteed fun trivia themes such as Harry Potter or Mean Girls. nbsp; If yoursquo;re more of a hotdog and pizza fanatic,Dog and Dough is the place for you. With their unique hotdogs and pizzas, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. Dog and Dough is located near the Albert Square, and just underneath lies an 80s-themed arcade, pool and cocktail bar. If yoursquo;re stuck for ideas after devouring your hot dog, be sure to venture down here for cocktails, games and general fun. Once the night-time arrives and yoursquo;re craving drinks after a busy day of solving puzzles and indulging, head towards the Black Dog Ballroom.nbsp; Whether yoursquo;re celebrating or drowning your sorrows, be sure to sample one of their boozy shakes - if you plan your time wisely, you might even be there for one of their many events! Black Dog Ballroom offer quiz nights, or, if you prefer live music and DJ sets, The Bunker is a brand new dance and live space, so you can dance the night away! To end the day, venture down to Twenty Twenty Two. This is a unique bar and ping pong room located in the Northern Quarter, and is open 7 days a week. Twenty Twenty Two boasts 4 Ping Pong tables, DJs at weekends, and even has an event space available for hire. On certain days they hold special events, for example, on Mondays they have free ping pong and on Thursdays you can challenge the bartenders to a game. If yoursquo;re successful in beating the bartenders, you can double your round of drinks! They are open until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays, so you can play ping pong to your heartrsquo;s content (or until yoursquo;re ready for bedhellip;). nbsp; Manchester is without a doubt the best city in the country (no debate about it) - there is literally something for everybody! It has food, fun and enough escape games to keep your friends and family busy for weeks on end.nbsp; So whether yoursquo;re coming from Bury or Beijing, be sure to visit Breakout Manchester ndash; wersquo;ll be waiting and ready to lock you up! Mon, 06 Mar 2017 13:36:01 +0000 Breakout's next Charity Day is Thursday 30th March 2017 Itrsquo;s that time of year again where Breakout try to pay back to the community. The two charity days we hold each year are really important to Breakout and who we are, because wersquo;re aware we wouldnrsquo;t be here without the people of the cities wersquo;re based in. We held our first charity day in April 2015 at our flagship Manchester branch and each time wersquo;ve done one since itrsquo;s got bigger and bigger, and now involves the sales of all of our rooms becoming charitable donations and a way of getting local charities actively involved in what we do. And by all our rooms we mean at all four cities, so thatrsquo;s Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff and Chester all trying to help in the small way we can. In 2016 we raised over pound;6000 with our charity days and we strive to smash that target this year as well. We dedicate certain rooms to the different charities, and then any sales during the day time from that game become donations for them. In the evenings we tend to give these games to the charities themselves to do with as they will. Some sell them on to members and patrons, others get sponsorship for their service users to play and some even raffle their games off. It is completely free for them to do as they will. Selecting our charities is a careful process, there are some that are just close to our hearts and others that we find from the local area (as much as possible). This time around the charities wersquo;re working with are The Christie, Cheshire Search and Rescue, Early Break, Bolton Hospice, The Guide Dog Association, Joining Jack and Parkinsonrsquo;s UK. The Christie is very special to Breakout and have been involved with our charity days since the very beginning. Theyrsquo;re a charitable cancer research hospital based in Manchester. Their funding goes towards providing specialist and cutting edge treatments that the NHS canrsquo;t provide to people, but alongside this they also research into finding and innovative treatments for various cancers and hopefully an eventual cure. As well as treating people here, The Christie spend a large amount of money every year sending people to America for special PROBEAM treatment, but are also working very hard to be able to offer it themselves here within the next few years. The rooms being dedicated to The Christie are Captured, Most Wanted and Identify (which are all at our High Street site). Cheshire Search and Rescue were one of our most successful charities on our last charity day. Cheshire Search and Rescue are a completely voluntary based charity who work to help find those who are lost in Cheshire. Sometimes we donrsquo;t think of Cheshire as a dangerous area, but there is actually an exceptionally large amount of woodland, quarries and moors so there are, in fact, many hazardous areas. As well as countryside based operations, Cheshire Search and find vulnerable people who have either ran away, or left their safe space and donrsquo;t have the capacity to find their way home. We can often be scared enough when we find ourselves alone, but throw in a dangerous environment and this becomes unsafe very quickly. The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association are a charity that train guide dogs and pair them with people are are either blind or have visual impairment. This process involves making sure that a person gets paired with a dog with a compatible personality in order for them to both look after each other well. As well as this though, the charity also does a lot more; they also campaign for the rights of people with visual impairment, create eye care education, fund research into eye diseases, provide confidence building rehabilitation to adults, children and young people, to name just a few. Breakout have never had the chance to work with The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association before, but really looking forward to getting to know more about them (and hope they bring dogs). Early Break UK are a charity based on Bury and Rochdale who work with young people with drug addictions. Not only do they work with young people using innovative services, but they work with their families as well in order to focus on protection and support for these vulnerable young people. In order to provide support to young people whose lives are still being affected by substance misuse, Early Break run a residential service for those who need the service to benefit their recovery. In addition to this service they help research into the area of young people and substance misuse and then distribute the findings while providing an educational platform to substance users and those who provide support to make sure support is provided in the most effective way. Bolton Hospice place the highest value on respect and choice and work to improve the lives of people who have been diagnosed with illnesses that they may not recover from. The aim of their work is to encourage as active a life as is possible from diagnosis until the end of the person's life, no matter how long that might be. This includes considering their emotional, spiritual and social needs and doesn't always take place in the hospice building, but also at the home of the people in their care. It is important to Bolton Hospice that people are cared for not only in their remaining time but they also achieve the good death they want by making sure there is time to plan, that they are supported and cared for and their decisions are respected. Joining Jack are a charity dedicated to raising money to support research to try and end Duchennersquo;s Muscular Dystrophy. This muscle breakdown affects 1 in every 3,500 male children worldwide. And last but not least, Parkinson's UK strive to support people with Parkinsonrsquo;s in the UK. They put a lot of effort into research to find new treatments to help those with the disease are working towards curing the disease completely one day. nbsp; Between now and the date wersquo;ll release on twitter which games support which charities, but all of them are fantastic causes so there really is no better time to play than our charity day! nbsp; nbsp; Wed, 15 Mar 2017 18:41:20 +0000 See you in 10 minutes ldquo;See you in 10 minutesrdquo; The famous last words any game operator wants to hear before closing the door and locking you in a room, these words get us thinking. Here at Breakout everyone knows we have 12 different rooms with different difficulties which range from 2 star to 5 star. Most people like a challenge and goes for our 4 star rooms if they have never played before, this could be just because they like the sound of the room, it was the only time they could do or they just didnrsquo;t know. nbsp; Town Hall Infiltrate One of your friends has been wrongfully imprisoned; can you infiltrate the prison and help them break free? Infiltrate is one of our 2 star rooms with 70% success rate. nbsp; The Detective Office A detective has sadly been murdered in his office and you are being framed as his killer, can you save yourself by finding out who killed him? With the success rating being 59% The Detective Office is a 3 Star difficulty. nbsp; Virus Can you slow down the outbreak and find the cure? With the success rate of 46% this is one of our 4 Star difficulty rooms. nbsp; Sabotage Can you go deep behind enemy territory and stop a missile strike which endangers the safety of the entire world? Sabotage is a 5 Star difficulty and our second hardest room with the success rate of 27%. nbsp; Madchester As a group of thieves you have wondered into Zackrsquo;s room to steal his valuable collectables. Madchester is also 5 Star difficulty but the hardest room we have! The success rate is 20% nbsp; High Street Identify Your friend has been murdered, do you have what it takes to IDENTIFY this psychopath's other victims? Identify is a 2 Star Difficulty with the success rate of 65% nbsp; Most Wanted Think of yourselves as bounty hunters of the Wild West breaking in to a saloon in search of loot! Make sure you're out by the time the sheriff returns. Most Wanted is a 3 star difficulty with 59% success rate, as well as breaking out of this room you will have to collect as much loot as possible! nbsp; Facility X Dr. Andrews has gone mad and has brought you to his lab for his final experiment, escape before his experiments take full form! With this 3 Star difficulty room it has the success rate of 53% Vacancy Teams check in, but most donrsquo;t ever check out... Vacancy is a 4 Star difficulty with the success rate of 49% Captured Itrsquo;s time to play a game, you have 60 minutes to escape, or your life will end. Captured is our newest room with 4 Star difficulty and proves to have taken some lives with the success rate being 34% nbsp; Reclassified Blue and Reclassified Green Become the spy you always thought you could be and take your final exam. Reclassified rooms are our identical race rooms that are 4 Star difficulty which the success rate of 30% nbsp; So if you have never played before or have and just want to break a record you can now see all the statistics you need to do so! So if you fancy booking to challenge yourself feel free to give us a call on 0161 839 8012, Good luck! Fri, 28 Apr 2017 20:23:05 +0100 Can your family Breakout? The summer holidays are fast approaching and we all know it can be quite difficult to get the kids out of the house and doing something different that is funhellip; especially with the changeable British weather. As Breakout is an indoor activity, it is perfect for the days where it doesnrsquo;t look great, because you can pop down and see what game, out of our 13 rooms, fits your fancy! nbsp; At both of our Manchester locations we do have rooms that are especially suitable for children and a range of themes the family can get excited about. If you fancy coming along to our Town Hall location we have The Detective Office and Infiltrate; for those mini sleuths in your family or the daredevils who think a prisonbreak is more their scene. If yoursquo;d prefer our High street location, we have Identify and Most Wanted! Identify sees you trying to find the evidence to send a known killer down and Most Wanted gives you the chance to be the Cowboys we all secretly think we can behellip; nbsp; For more nbsp;competitive families you can always book in two rooms and race against each other! If this sounds like your family, I would recommend our Reclassified rooms in Manchester or if you fancy a little holiday we have Classified racing rooms at our Cardiff site as well (theyrsquo;re not the same as the Manchester Reclassified rooms, if yoursquo;ve already played here). nbsp; Our rooms are perfect for families to solve puzzles and work together to escape the room! The rooms are more of a mental challenge rather than physical, each room has a specific game operator that looks over your whole game through CCTV and can help you when needed. Itrsquo;s not often that we get to work together as a family team and everyone can come away feeling like theyrsquo;ve equally contributed. nbsp; The rooms are great to work together and create some happy memories and you have a chance to capture your experience with an image at the end of your game with either lsquo;I broke outrsquo; or lsquo;I nearly broke outrsquo; boards! nbsp; Certain puzzles in rooms may be challenging for some children under the age of 16, because of this we do need to have an adult play the room with them. nbsp; If you arenrsquo;t located in Manchester or wish to explore a new area we have Breakout centres in Liverpool, Cardiff and Chester. nbsp; To start your family summer adventure in any of our cities, look at the different rooms we have available to play on our websites now! Wed, 28 Jun 2017 13:14:28 +0100 Family Day Out in Manchester! The summer holidays are close to the end and wersquo;ve come up with some places where the kids can be entertained especially with the last few weeks approaching and idearsquo;s running low. If you are looking for a low budget great day out you should try the Manchester Museum, with free entry and different activities being held here you have a lot to choose from. Each Saturday they hold their big themed Saturdays where you can join in on activities, performances and talks. Or if they are more of a football lover then the National Football museum where you can take part in football lessons or even kickpool! Or if robots or experiments are more your thing why not try the Science and Industry Museum. If you are looking for more of an activity where you can tire the kids out why not try Oxygen free jumping which is located near the Trafford Centre, they can jump around on the trampolines or take on the Bear Grylls assault course and if they get hungry donrsquo;t worry as there is a cafeacute; in there with drinks and food to supply. Or if you want a weekly activity night why not try the school of trampolining or even the dodgeball nights they host every Wednesday. Whilst in the Trafford area or even if you go shopping in the Trafford Centre why not go to the Sea Life Centre to see Ernie the turtle, they also host different talks and feeding times to get everyone involved which is great to keep the kids or yourselves entertained! You can have a look around Legoland Discovery Centre, located right next door to the sea life centre they have a wide range to keep the kids entertained with the newly opened Ninjago City adventure or the 4D cinema. If golfing is more your style why not try Paradise Island Adventure Golf which is in the Trafford centre, a fun island themed crazy golf or if you wish for more of a physical activity you could try Tenpin for some family bowling time, why not try and make everyone a bit competitive! If you aren't into some crazy golf why not try Breakout Manchester, located in two areas of Manchester; one opposite the Town Hall and the other located opposite the Arndale Centre. With 13 rooms, you have a wide range of choice from wanting to solve a murder to taking your final test, don't worry if you have never played before as Breakout have a wide range of difficulty starting from 2-star rooms going up to 5! Or if yoursquo;re not in the Manchester area we do have centres in Liverpool, Chester and Cardiff so if you fancy a few days away itrsquo;s the perfect excuse. Hopefully this has given you some good ideas for a day out, why not go to our website to try a room if not! Thu, 24 Aug 2017 20:05:30 +0100 Escape The Room Is Emerging In VR Itrsquo;s widely acknowledged at this point that ldquo;Escape The Roomrdquo; attractions are becoming a big deal. And itrsquo;s not just true in Manchester. These real life games are taking off in cities all over the world, and seem to be attracting more visitors with each passing month. One interesting article looking into some of the stats and demographics behind the movement last summer labeled Escape The Room games as a world-wide phenomenon. And itrsquo;s hard to disagree. nbsp; What you may not realize, however, is that just as real life Escape The Room attractions are becoming more popular, the same concept is beginning to emerge in the growing industry of virtual reality gaming. nbsp; Typically, when we imagine the latest and greatest VR games, we think of adaptations of other popular video games. For instance, one of the biggest pieces of news of 2017 has been the forthcoming arrival of Fallout 4 in VR. This is an open world, post-apocalyptic adventure game that was released by Bethesda in 2015 and earned great reviews on PC and major consoles. Itrsquo;s one of the bigger titles of the last few years, and itrsquo;s now set to be one of the first major forays into large open world environments on VR. But itrsquo;s a direct adaptation. nbsp; We have also seen VR used to alter and adapt entire genres ndash; or at least begin to. One example that comes to mind is CasinoVR, a poker game that simulates a live casino room for players. Itrsquo;s fairly simple as is, but when you consider the broad nature of casino gaming online, its potential becomes clear. There are diverse ranges of slot games, all kinds of different poker tournaments, blackjack and roulette arcades, etc. VR has the potential to transform this whole wing of the video gaming business into a single comprehensive virtual environment featuring all of the relevant games. nbsp; But where Escape The Room activities are concerned, the concept is different. This isnrsquo;t VR offering a new version of a popular video game, and itrsquo;s not VR transforming a popular genre. Rather, itrsquo;s VR simulating a real world activity (even if that real world activity was first imagined in simple little app and browser games). But in a way, that makes it even more interesting. nbsp; Itrsquo;s not hard to understand the appeal. When you attend an Escape The Room facility, therersquo;s definitely a certain appeal in the physical nature of the experience. You can walk around a real space, look for clues with your hands, and interact with friends or colleagues, for instance. But in VR, while some of these aspects of the experience are diminished, there are benefits as well. For instance, you may have the option of trying several different rooms in sequence, rather than having to schedule an outing in one room or the other. You may even be able to adjust difficulty levels, or work in coordination with friends in real time. There are already some enjoyable Escape The Room games available for VR, but as with most games, wersquo;re in the early stages of development. This is a genre that will almost certainly be improved in the near future, and given the popularity of the real life version of these games, it will likely be a priority for a lot of developers. Wed, 27 Sep 2017 13:28:07 +0100 A Disturbing Halloween at Breakout The first orange leaves have fallen from the trees, which means Halloween is just around the corner. Get your pumpkins carved and your faces painted, because Breakout are celebrating in style this year! With the opening of our newest room Disturbed, it's the perfect time to book in to play a scary room in time for fright night. If trick-or-treating isn't your thing, or if you prefer to stay indoors on a cold October evening then Breakout is perfect for you! Our Manchester High Street site has four spooky games to choose from; Vacancy, the murderous motel Crimson Lake sees many guests check in, but none check out. Captured features an ominous basement where your team have awoken following their kidnapping ndash; a 60-minute countdown begins, telling them they need to leave before their captor returns. If you're looking for a 'peaceful' break from city life, why not visit our lovely cabin in the woods, Forsaken! After being invited to stay by a distant relative, the cosy cabin soon turns creepy when satanic symbols and occult objects are unearthed. And finally, the newest room Disturbed is available to book now, starting from Wednesday the 25th of October. Set in an abandoned hospital, teams must track down their missing friend PC Richards, who had become obsessed with her current investigation searching for a crazed killer. Find out what happened to PC Richards to escape a gruesome fate! If you're not close by to Manchester, our sites in Liverpool, Chester and Cardiff have their own versions of games fit for a ghoul. Liverpool and Chester both have a copy of Vacancy, which are very similar to Manchester's version, and Chester and Cardiff have their own copies of Disturbed. So if one of these spooky settings has caught your eye, make sure you book in soon to make your Halloween extra creepy ndash; who doesn't love being locked in a room on the scariest night of the year? Mon, 23 Oct 2017 12:29:14 +0100 A day in the life of a Game Operator As you can probably imagine, our Game Operators see a lot of weird and wonderful things happen when running games for our lovely customers (some stories a lot weirder than others!). This blog will feature stories across ournbsp;Breakout Cardiff,nbsp;Breakout Liverpool,nbsp;Breakout Manchesternbsp;andnbsp;Breakout Chestersites, and will provide you with some insider information as to what really goes on in our rooms behind closed doors. We will start with the most 2017 that happened to us: ldquo;The year of Facebook Liverdquo; story. As Game Operator Shannon was congratulating her group on escaping, one of the customers pulled out her iPhone and went live on Facebook. This then led to all of them celebrating with Shannon to every one of her friends on Facebook! Another story of which encapsulates the millennial era yet again revolves around technology. One Game Operator accidentally left her phone within the room after resetting, and the team became fixated with it (despite being told to put it to one side!). The customers tried to unlock the phone so many times that the Game Operator was locked out for 2 hours once she retrieved it after the game had finished. Next, we move on to one of my favourites from the selection of stories. Game Operator Jake had a customer struggling on one of the puzzles. She was struggling that much, she proceeded to take her phone out of her bag, and call her Mum to ask her for the answer to the puzzle! This was the first time hersquo;d ever seen this happen after working here for over 2 years! Recently, we also had a man randomly strip down to his boxers whilst playing the game. We were wondering what on earth he was doing, until he ventured over to the wardrobe in the room and got dressed up in the suit! At the end of the game, he then stripped back down to his boxers without warning to get back into his everyday attire. Another common problem we Game Operators encounter are teams coming to play Classified 2 after playing Classified 1, not realising theyrsquo;re identical in content! One team decided to go ahead and play Classified 2 anyway, and managed to blitz through the whole room in about half an hour (which, if they hadnrsquo;t played before, would be a record-breaking time!). Customers not only do hilarious things, but say hilarious things, also. A team once insulted the person on the policeman ID who they were looking for in the room, not realising it was the Game Operator who was doing their briefing! But sometimes, itrsquo;s our Game Operators who make the situation awkward, not the customers! When doing a health and safety briefing for a group booking, Game Operator Andy forgot another member of staff's name when introducing themselves and had to stop and say, ldquo;What's your name again?rdquo; This incident happened fairly recently, but funny situations have been occurring since Breakout first originated. Within the first six months of the company opening, the now National Manager locked herself in one of the rooms without a phone. She didn't know how to complete the room, so resorted to reverse calling the office with the mobile phone that was in the room. In order to do this, the office would have had to accept the reversed call, but the office kept declining it. Her team turned up on time and had to wait 20 minutes as she was locked in the room. Eventually, someone noticed that she'd gone missing and saw her waving at the cameras in the room. She was finally rescued, but her story still remains hilarious even to this day! Time for our celeb stories! We have been lucky enough to be visited by the likes of comedian Sarah Mulligan, GMTV star Ben Shephard, Welsh rugby player Gethin Jenkins, pop star Pixie Lott and Manchester United players Rashford and Lingard. In addition to this, Daniel Sturridge, James Milner and Joe Allen from the LFC team put their brains together to try and tackle our secret agent themed room. This experience involved a lot of dancing from Sturridge after opening padlocks and completing puzzles! Speaking of fun dancing stories, we once had a family bring their grandmother down to play one of our rooms and, after every padlock she opened, she proceeded to do the Macarena! Everyone please bear this in mind, we would LOVE for every customer to do this after opening a padlock! Now this story has got to be the funniest of them all! The office had ordered a Chinese takeaway for the evening and we were expecting the delivery at any moment. As the delivery driver walked down our stairs, a group escaped from a room and started celebrating. The delivery driver then began to start celebrating with the group. We think he thought they were the ones who ordered the food and they were celebrating because he had arrived! Since wersquo;ve been on a journey of ups and downs we will end on a very positive note! Our favourite stories are the proposals!! Wersquo;ve had roughly around 20 proposals across all of our sites and we love seeing couples leave happily knowing they will be getting married in the next few years (although we are still waiting for an invitation to one of these weddings!). We welcome any further proposals in the future, so please feel free to get in touch if yoursquo;re looking to propose in one of our rooms! We hope yoursquo;ve enjoyed reading through this blog, and wersquo;d love to hear your personal funny stories, too! Please tweet any funny stories you may have over tonbsp;@breakoutlpl,nbsp;@breakoutcardiff,nbsp;@breakoutmcrnbsp;ornbsp;@breakoutchester! Mon, 26 Feb 2018 15:53:47 +0000 Ever wonder how escape rooms started? Ever wonder how escape rooms started? Well we have created a short summary telling you all aboutit! In 2004 a video game of escape rooms was created called lsquo;Crimson roomrsquo;, Takoa Kato who isfounder of the Japanese company SCARP created a live version created in Kyoto in 2007 after beinginspired by a girl playing an online escape room. It became a popular tourist attraction andsuggested to be the start of them spreading throughout Japan and into Southeast Asia.Parapark in Budapest, Hungary was the first city in Europe to create a live escape game by the ownerof the Hungarian company Attila Gyurkovics, from this they then operated in 20 locationsthroughout Europe and Australia. Breakout Manchester opened its doors in May 2014 across from the Town Hall with our one roomlsquo;John Monroe Detective Officersquo;. Shortly after in June 2014 we opened our second room Virus, sinceVirus we then expanded to having 5 rooms! In January 2015 we opened a temporary second Breakout Centre in Manchesterrsquo;s Great Northernwith the twin rooms in which the players need to pass an exam to complete their final stages ofsecret agent training. In November 2015 we opened our High street location with brand new rooms Facility X, Vacancy andMonroersquo;s Detective Office which was identical to the one at our Town Hall location. From here wenow have 9 rooms at our High street location from solving a murder to becoming a spy!With our 14 rooms in total across the two Manchester centres you now have a wide variety of roomsto choose from, please take a look on to decide which oneyou fancy tackling! Don't worry if you don't live in the Manchester area, we now have a number of rooms available at our other locations in Liverpool, Chester and Cardiff.nbsp; Mon, 16 Apr 2018 12:17:48 +0100 MCM London Comic Con! Amongst the Orange is the New Black cast, Lucifer stars and The Walking Dead crew, if you're lucky enough, you might spot our very own Breakout staff at this week'snbsp;MCM London Comic Con! Congregating fromnbsp;Cardiff,nbsp;Liverpoolnbsp;andnbsp;Manchester, our Breakout managers from these sites will be manning our very own stall at the Comic Con event. Following our subsequent success at Birmingham Comic Con, we will be utilising three 'pop-up' games, all of which will last 30 minutes (differing slightly from our standard 1-hour escape room games). A brief overview of the games can be displayed below: Vigilante Story:nbsp;Your friend has been acting strange for a while, and you suspect he is the infamous superhero Breakout Boy. You have snuck into his bedroom to try and find as much evidence as possible, and stumble across his secret lair. You must collect the pieces of his costume before he returns home, to confront him with the truth. Defuse Story:nbsp;Go and defuse the device to save Comic Con!nbsp;Premise: Teams have to pass a series of tasks in order to 'defuse' the device. Once the device is defused, they obtain a code to begin unlocking boxes to find a key to escape. We've themed the puzzles for the device around characters from Marvel, with a 'dungeons and dragons' esque character sheet. In addition to this, some board game related aspects feature, also. Our third and final pop-up game will make its grand debut at thenbsp;MCM London Comic Connbsp;event, so if you've already encountered us at previous events, fear not - we have something fresh to bring to the table! Should you and your friends wish to get stuck in, the pop-up rooms cost pound;8 per person, with a maximum of 6 people in a room at a time. So, if you see us at the event, feel free to pop down and say hi - unlike Venom, we don't bite (sorry, we couldn't resist!). We look forward to seeing you there! Fri, 25 May 2018 12:08:57 +0100 Sick of getting Dad socks for Fathers day? nbsp; Sick of getting the generic socks present for your Dad? We have the solution! Why not treat him this Fatherrsquo;s Day by buying a Breakout gift voucher and locking him up in a room, instead? Wersquo;re aware that one of the greatest difficulties is booking a room in for a specific time (especially one in which suits everyone!). The good news is, if your lives are as busy as ours are, you can now purchase a gift voucher for your dad, so that he can reclaim the room whenever his schedule permits. Gift vouchers can be easily purchased on our website:nbsp; Simply click on this link, select off-peak/anytime and how many people yoursquo;d wish to book for, then process the payment. You will then receive a booking confirmation, which will include artwork for you to wrap up, should you wish to (because itrsquo;s always nice having a physical copy for a gift!).nbsp; For those who are unaware of what an escape room entails, the premise of the game is that yoursquo;re locked in a room for 60 minutes, and you have to solve a series of puzzles, clues and riddles in order to lsquo;breakoutrsquo;. We have six different rooms in total, with difficulty levels ranging from 3 stars to 5 stars (with 5 stars being the trickiest). These rooms also all differ thematically, so, irrespective of what your dad is into, wersquo;ll have at least one that caters to his preferences! If your dad fancies himself as the next 007, why not give our Reclassifed rooms a go? In this room, you are spies in training sitting your final entrance exam in order to qualify as secret agents. Or, alternatively, perhaps your dad considers his detective skills to be top notch? If this is the case, he will feel right at home in our Detective Office, in which you must figure out who killed the Detective! Our other rooms include Forsaken (5 stars) Sabotage (5 stars) Madchester (5 stars) Virus (4 stars) Disturbed (4 stars) Captured (4 stars) Vacancy (4 star) Reclassified Blue and Green (4 star) The Detective Office (3 star) Facility (3 stars) Identify (3 star) Most Wanted (2 star) Infiltrate (2 star)nbsp; We are open fromnbsp;10am-10pmnbsp;seven days a week, so finding a time which suits everyone should definitely be achievable! With our centres being based in city centre locations in Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool and Chester, you can easily make a day out of treating your dad. You could add a game of Breakout to the list of activities for the day as each game lasts for an hour, so if you're giving the gift of a day out in the city, a stop off at Breakout could be a nice break.nbsp; Now that yoursquo;ve finished reading this, if yoursquo;re considering purchasing a gift voucher for your dad this Fatherrsquo;s Day, either clicknbsp;herenbsp;or conversely, give us a call at 0161 839 8012. Fri, 15 Jun 2018 10:39:27 +0100 Virtual Hideout - A New Gaming Experience If you're a fan of our escape rooms here at Breakout, then you're going to love what our partners over at Virtual Hideout have to offer. Virtual reality has always been a concept that consumers and gamers alike have craved even as far back as the 80s. Over the years we have seen many iterations of this medium, some a step in the right direction and others somewhat lack luster. Now though, virtual reality has seen a renaissance and has made many leaps forward for good, and through use of state of the art gaming PC's in tandem with the market leading HTC VIVE, Virtual Hideout provides a truly unforgettable virtual experience. Most notable for their fully immersive and wholey interactive escape room experiences. Virtual Hideout brings a whole new twist on this puzzling concept and allows for players to do things they normally wouldn't be able to in real life. For example, in one of the rooms the player must call on the aid of a drone with a tractor beam in order for them to reach a clue previously out of bounds to them. Virtual reality truly allows for players to be transported out of rainy Manchester and into any place or situation, that under normal circumstances wouldn't be possible. Partake in a car heist on a plane miles in the air, solving puzzles as you go in 'I expect you to die', escape an abandoned inventors house, using nothing but your sheer wit and tenacity in 'Abode' or catch an escaped criminal using a steam train, finding ways around the blockades he leaves for you on the treacherous tracks. For those who are fans of other genres of video games, the site comes equipped with a range of sci-fi experiences, shooters, horror games, and party games to provide a little something for everyone. With over 100 games to choose from, there's plenty to play! 6 state of the art gaming PCs are also available on site, giving players a broad range of traditional video games such as Fortnite and Rocket League. Come down and experience the future today! Mon, 03 Sep 2018 20:14:06 +0100 Bring your Christmas party to Breakout! So itrsquo;s nearing the end of the year, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting darker. Entering Autumn only means that wersquo;re one step closer to Christmas. Christmas means many different things for many different people, but one thing thatrsquo;s certain is the Christmas do with work. This year, you might be bored of the office party or the sit-down meal ndash; so why not try something different at Breakout Manchester! We offer a unique experience, with groups being locked inside a room for sixty minutes and having to solve a series of puzzles, riddles and clues to escape. We have 15 different rooms, each one with an individual theme ranging from cowboys and secret agents, to escaping a crazed killer and a creepy cabin in the woods. We can accommodate up to 75 people at one given time, but can offer multiple times throughout the day ndash; meaning whatever size your party is we can make it work for you all! Wersquo;re located in the heart of Manchester City Centre, in close proximity to many different restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs meaning your night out doesnrsquo;t have to begin or end with us! Whatever the event yoursquo;re looking to organise; wersquo;re perfect for Christmas dorsquo;s, birthdays, stag/hen dorsquo;s, team building and so many more. If you're not local to Manchester or have already completed all our games here, there's always our other sites in Liverpool, Cardiff and Chester! Wed, 19 Sep 2018 15:26:59 +0100 The Countdown continues... The countdown continues as we approach the impending closure of our Town Hall site, the place where the Breakout journey began all the way back in 2014. Back then all we had was a directional pad lock and a dream (Getting paid to lock up the fine people of Manchester). As you can imagine, we have some pretty fantastical stories to tell, way too many to fit in this post! Infiltrate alone has entertained ex prisoners, proposals and office parkour. Never the less, our teams have always been ready to rise to the challenge! Even some of the current England Football team have given it a crack- not to mention any names *cough* Rashford *cough*nbsp; In Virus and Sabotage, we've literally had some teams try to rip through the walls in order to get out, sometimes to escape the room...sometimes to escape each other. Madchester was the first game that we made as a team, it quickly became the our most difficult room. Those up to the challenge danced their way through the to sounds of the city, and became a certified Gallagher in our eyes. We can't help but take a stroll through memory lane as we come to our last 30 days on Brazennose street. Over the years things have definitely changed and so many amazing people have been involved in making Breakout the place that it is today! Including manager Kate giving birth to the first Baby Breakout in the Detective office...that was joke #AprilFools Have no fear, exciting times are ahead, and the future is very bright at Breakout. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us since beginning and we look forward to locking you up in new and exciting ways- not as creepy as it sounds. Mon, 01 Apr 2019 12:03:45 +0100 Take me to 51 CHURCH STREET That's right folks, when one door closes, another one opens (just around the corner) After an emotional farewell to our Town Hall location at the end of April, Breakout are back in business with a BRAND NEW SITE!!! Our new Northern Quarter location is at 51 Church street, around about a 51 second walk from our site at High Street branch. The site has opened with 3 games straight off the bat! Including the scarily good Cursed Carnival. The game, where players enter a carnival workshop tasked with solving a mystery to break an ancient curse, is brand new to Manchester but a favourite from Breakoutrsquo;s sister sites around the UK and is an exhilarating addition to Breakoutrsquo;s roster of games. It will be joined by two long-standing Manchester favourites, Captured and Vacancy. More games are in development as we speak, so please pop down and say hi. We are very excited to be locking up the fine people of Manchester for many years to come. Sun, 07 Jul 2019 15:39:31 +0100 The Emporium of Magic is open for business! A brand new escape room with all brand new puzzles! The Emporium of Magicnbsp;is home to the weird and wonderful - full of rare spells, potions and magical artefacts. There are rumours that the alchemist who owns it has been brewing a potion which will give the user unlimited magical powers and the ability to see the unseen. You have entered The Emporium after hours to seek out the recipe and the ingredients. As you break in, you trigger a spell which traps you inside. With the potion brewed, escape will be within your grasp. Without it, you will be bound to The Emporium for all eternity. If you're ready to embrace the magic you can book in for right now, The Emporium of Magic can be found at our Church Street location. Book online today:nbsp; Fri, 25 Oct 2019 19:27:25 +0100 The Christmas Countdown begins... Stuck on a gift to buy for your nearest and dearest? The shops are all out of Lynx Africa and Yankee candles. don't know what to get for your secret Santa at work? Have no fear, Karen in Accounts, Christmas is saved. Breakout has Gift vouchers on sale right now! Did you know that you can have your Christmas party at Breakout Manchester? With sixteen rooms in total across our two sites, we can accommodate up to 80 people at a time! So whether you're getting the family together, reuniting with old friends, or looking for something a bit different for your office do, we've got you covered. Head to our website to find out more:nbsp; Mon, 02 Dec 2019 13:02:14 +0000 Kickstart 2020 at 51 Church Street! Breakout Manchester has been joined at our Northern Quarter location by our sister company, Virtual Hideout.nbsp; As a result, you can now experience two of Manchester's best activity experiences under the same roof, right at the heart of Manchester's NQ - what more could you want?nbsp; To celebrate this, we're offering you the chance to have a go at both activities together and SAVE this January.nbsp; Make a saving of up tonbsp;pound;5 per playernbsp;when you book to play both an escape room and a virtual reality session on the same day!nbsp; Just give us a call onnbsp;0161 839 8012nbsp;and a member of our team will be happy to help. Sun, 12 Jan 2020 18:57:23 +0000 An interview with the creator and owner of Breakout 1.nbsp;Firstnbsp;thingsnbsp;first,nbsp;what inspired you to start Breakout? The reason I started Breakout is that I have always had an affinity for puzzle. My favourite TV program growing up was the crystal maze and I have always loved the puzzle element of computer games such as the dungeons in Zelda. I walked past the first escape room that opened in the UK, London in 2013 and before I'd even played it I'd already come up with a plan on how I was going to bring the concept to Manchester.nbsp; From a personal side, prior to opening Breakout I worked in the night-time event industry for over 8 years and was getting pretty fed up of it so wanted a complete career change. nbsp; 2. What are your future plans for Breakout? Next on the agenda is the completion and launch of two new rooms that the company have been working on for a while. I'm not going to reveal the themes to you (maybe that's why you are reading this blog), but we are all really excited about these rooms. One includes Augmentative Reality technology and the other is also very technologically advanced, This would mean that we'd have a total of 17 rooms, which I believe would make us the escape room with the most games in any one city in Europe nbsp; 3. Do you think escape rooms have a shelf life? Part of me would like to think that they do not but I guess nearly everything has a shelf life. As long as the rooms keep getting better and original ideas are implemented in the rooms, I think they have a very long shelf life. Our rooms have come so far since launching, as an example of this, in our original detective room customers had to put a laser pen on a piece of blue tack which then hopefully pointed to Brazil (it rarely did)! If we keep innovating, I believe we will be around for at least then next 5 to 10 years at which point robots will have probably taken over the world! nbsp; 4. What is your favourite room and why? : Sabotage, this is because it was the first (good) one that I designed, and I think it flows very well. It is a difficult game but teams who have played a few games normally love it. There a nice mixture of puzzles in it that link well with the theme. nbsp; 5. A random question, what is your favourite website: www. Why? what is not to love about bouncing cats!!! nbsp; 6. Your background is in marketing; how important do you think transferring those skill to breakout? Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and been of vital importance to the development of breakout. Those platforms have allowed us to connect and communicate with our audience over the past 5 (soon to be 6) years. At uncertain times like these this is more important than ever. nbsp; 7. What effect do you think Covid - 19 will have on your business?nbsp; .com/ boom and bust, the financial crash in 2008, 9 / 11, both world wars ndash; These major events show us how resilient business and people are. Firstly, my thoughts go out to everyone that has been affected by Covid ndash; 19. It really puts a perspective on life. Due to government assistance, understanding creditors and a lot of negotiation Breakout will survive this crisis. We have not laid a single staff member off and are hoping to bounce back stronger than ever. Before the government guidance told us to close, we had already put in many social distancing measures and extra hygiene and cleaning procedures. The safety of our customers is always at the fore front of everything that we do. nbsp; 8. Finally, you were educated through the Welsh language. Can you say something in welsh please? Cenedl heb iaith, cenedl heb galon - A nation without a language is a nation without a heart. Thu, 09 Apr 2020 11:57:09 +0100 What to expect from our Play at Home game! Escape Room Online Review! Since the beginning of lockdown wersquo;ve been looking for ways to entertain ourselves, and wersquo;ve been missing the extremely addictive puzzles that yoursquo;d find in our escape rooms. So you can imagine how pleased we were to find out that Breakout has partnered with Escape Room Online to present to us a brand new online escape room to play with on up to 6 other devices! During lockdown we have been learning how to use various video chat platforms, sometimes to play quizzes or just to have a catch up - but now the stakes were higher. We were going to rally our teams and play the online escape room together! Two of us documented our experience with the game; Tom played it with his family, and Amy played it with her partner. Here are our reviews and results!... nbsp; Tom - Family Game! As soon as I saw the online escape room advert I knew that it would be a great thing to play with my family, we have a range of ages and skill sets, and wersquo;ve done SO MANY quizzes for the past few weeks that we were desperate for a new kind of activity. Some of my family have played escape rooms before but some of them hadnrsquo;t, so I didnrsquo;t know how it was going to work out... Once we had set up the video call and shared the screen, it was extremely easy to follow the step-by-step guide to begin our game. We had a few technical issues at first but with the instructions we were able to easily overcome them. It was clear from the start of the game what we would have to do, and it allowed us all enough time to read the opening story and get an understanding of what was going on! The game was logical, and the puzzles were really interesting, even some of the most skeptical family members found themselves wanting to work them out and being pleased when they spotted something that nobody else had! Even some of the people who had never played rooms before were able to identify some of the common puzzles we sometimes come across in real life. One of our favorite parts were the seriously terrible robot dad-jokes which were scattered throughout and served to break up the intensity of some of the puzzles. We found a good mix of serious problem solving and light-hearted humor. We also realised early on that it would require some good communication skills, excellent teamwork, and patience, if we were going to enjoy it and complete it as quickly as possiblehellip; We needed a few clues for one puzzle which was so obvious when we thought back about it! This is such a common feeling in escape rooms and one which made the experience even more authentic and real. It was always good to know that we could ask for clues whenever we wanted, and that the game would definitely be completed no matter what, so we were quite proud of ourselves for only needing clues for one puzzle! There was a way to celebrate too by pressing a very handy air horn button, which we mostly used to wake my Grandad uphellip; Still very useful and a good way to celebrate loudly when wersquo;d figured something out! A really good part of it was that one of our family members had to leave halfway through, but it was absolutely fine and didnrsquo;t affect the game mechanics at all. Also, he was able to return if he wanted to at any time! We completed the game in 1 hour 16 minutes with 2 clues! We were proud of it and Irsquo;d definitely recommend it as an activity that the whole family can enjoy! We cannot wait to play the sequel! nbsp; Amy -nbsp; Played with her Partner nbsp; My boyfriend and I have been in lockdown together for 10 weeks and we were super excited to try something new at the weekend with Breakoutrsquo;s new online virtual game! Although this is perfect for larger groups over a distance, we set up a device each in our living room, cracked open a bottle of wine and had a puzzle-filled date night for two. Wersquo;ve completed quite a few escape rooms as a couple before, but this was a whole new experience, herersquo;s how we got on- nbsp;Once the game had been purchased, I received a code which we both had to enter the game page. It loaded up quickly, the instructions appeared, and it quickly became apparent that we could see each otherrsquo;s cursors on our screens, giving us the chance to work simultaneously with a screen share. We were also delighted with the revelation that we could take notes! There are 6 lsquo;sectorsrsquo; in the game and each one is unlocked as the last one is completed. We managed 2 sectors without a clue, which at this point was much needed! The clue we received was clear and concise but did not give the whole game away. The puzzles were challenging but not impossible, there is something for everyone and they require lots of teamwork, which meant the game was never one-sided and always felt like a team effort. I was surprised at how much the pressure built up, as the clock ticked away at the top of the screen you genuinely felt a panic on-par with being locked in a room! Without giving too much away, there was one section that we were really stumped on, but it was all the more worth it when we had that lsquo;eurekarsquo; moment and figured it out. We ended up completing the game in 49 minutes and 1 clue, which I was super proud of! Of course, afterwards I had to brag about my time on Instagram, and it was great to see other people posting theirs. I especially liked how the results show a breakdown of the time spent in each section, it was interesting to see how people did compared to us. If you are running out of ideas of how to pass the time inside, looking for something to spice up your weekend or wanting to spend your weekly family zoom call doing something a bit different, this is the absolute perfect option! If you want to have a go yourself and see if you can beat our times, visit and donrsquo;t forget to tag us with your results on social media! Good Luck! Thu, 11 Jun 2020 19:41:10 +0100 Out...then back in again: why escape rooms are the perfect post-lockdown down activity! What a bizarre year so far... The world as we know it seems completed changed after coming to a standstill for months. Nobody could have seen this coming, but as restrictions are lifted and we can finally begin to experience something like normality again, itrsquo;s a chance to do all the things you missed most.Believe it or not, the perfect antidote for months of lockdown life could behellip;escape rooms!nbsp; It might seem strange, to voluntarily lock yourself in a room just as wersquo;re finally allowed to leave our homes, but escape rooms are actually perfect for slowly getting back into the swing of things.For a start, itrsquo;s the best way to get out of your own four walls into a different four and socialise without being around a lot of people you donrsquo;t know.nbsp; The only person you will interact with outside your team is your Game Operator, and then yoursquo;re locked in with just the people yoursquo;re playing with - about as isolated as you can get without actually being at home!nbsp; Our staff are following a new cleaning regime along with other updated procedures to ensure that everything is safe as possible for everyone who passes through our doorshellip;so make sure you pick a team who you trust to wash their hands, and yoursquo;re good to go!nbsp;Wersquo;re also aware that physical fitness for most of us at a low point ndash; after being stuck at home surrounded by (and sometimes covered in) various snacks, none of us are feeling too athletic.nbsp; If only there were an activity which is more challenging mentally than it is physicallyhellip; nbsp;Thatrsquo;s where escape rooms come in!nbsp; Put your minds to the test and give your bodies a rest.The toughest element of lockdown has been the social isolation ndash; no amount of video calls or text messages can substitute actually seeing your mates.nbsp; And a lot of people have tried to fill this socialising void with quizzeshellip;suddenly everyonersquo;s taking on the role of Chris Tarrant and testing their friendsrsquo; trivia over Zoom!nbsp; Along with jigsaws, Sudoku, and trying to teach your nan how to Facetime ndash; wersquo;ve all been problem-solving and puzzling our way through lockdown, so now itrsquo;s time to really use those newly honed skills!nbsp; You didnrsquo;t realise yoursquo;d been in Breakout Boot Cap for the past three months, but now yoursquo;re ready to impress those very mates yoursquo;ve been missing with your newfound brain power.The constant news updates never seem to bring anything good and the world has felt like a scary place to be recently, so a lot of us have been turning to games and films as a distraction ndash; and now you have a chance for the immersion to go even further.nbsp; Fancy becoming a secret agent, stopping an evil scientist, or kicking back in a Wild West saloon?nbsp; All fantasies you can live out here at Breakout!nbsp; We donrsquo;t have an Animal Crossing themed room just yet, but rest assured wersquo;re working on wearing the Game Development team down!nbsp; If you want something a little more nail-biting, we offer some more high-stakes horror themes as well.nbsp; You can find a full list of our available rooms on our website!As the restrictions are eased and the world begins to turn again, therersquo;s an urge to do everything all at once ndash; especially all the things yoursquo;d been wanting to do for months, and then suddenly didnrsquo;t have the chance to.nbsp; Well, the opportunity is back on the table now, so what are you waiting for? Now Breakout is back open, get it ticked off the bucket list.nbsp; If lockdown has taught us anything, itrsquo;s that living for ldquo;one dayrdquo; doesnrsquo;t get you anywhere. Tue, 28 Jul 2020 14:04:37 +0100 Detective Agency is here... Can you catch the Killer? We are back and better than ever! Breakout is pleased to announce that The Detective Agency will be opening on 23rd September, so book quickly before you miss your opportunity! If you're looking to unleash your inner detective and solve your first mystery, this is the room for you. Will you be able to find out who the murderer is? Come and find out...nbsp; The world's greatest detective, and your best friend - Harry Dene, has driven himself mad trying to solve the biggest case of his career. After attempting to talk himnbsp;off the case, you realise things are worse than you thought! Now, your only choice is to solve this case yourself! Beware, Harry guards his secrets carefully... This will be our FIRST room withnbsp;AR Technology - Augmented reality allows us to provide an interactive experience where real world objects are enhanced. Digital content overlays the real world in order to immerse you fully in this experience! The Detective Agency will be a difficulty Level 4 and is suitable for all ages to play. There willnbsp;be hands-on interactive puzzles, and mental challenges where you'll have to show some critical thinking and logic.nbsp; We're really excited to open this room. The Detective Office was one of our most loved games and we're excited to see how this new one lives up to its predecessor! With new puzzles and a fresh take on the concept, we are certain you will love it. Book in to find out atnbsp;;- we can't wait to see you! Tue, 22 Sep 2020 13:07:10 +0100 Zombie Lab is here - Halloween is coming... And so are the Zombies! Halloween is around the corner, and we have the perfect activity for you! Looking for anbsp;Trick-or-Treatnbsp;for your family this Halloween? Come down to Breakout to play our new room - Zombie Lab!nbsp;The world is in grave danger... Zombies are roaming the streets; no one is safe anymore.Your only hope is a group of Scientists that have gathered to find the cure, however, there are rumours spreading that the scientists have fallen prey to the flesh eating monsters.Luckily, the scientists have kept the cure safely guarded. The fate of the world is now in your hands, you've gained access to the lab to find the cure. Unluckily, you've been exposed to the active zombie pathogen in the lab, and you only have 1 hour before you turn. Can you break through the scientist's defences to find the cure to save yourself and the world? This game is rated a 4 star in difficulty. It's a good challenge but great fun for all ages! Booknbsp;nownbsp;before you miss your chance! You can play the room fromnbsp;Thursday 29th October. We've all been gripped by a great Zombie Thriller at some point, from 'Last of Us' , 'Walking Dead' to 'I am Legend'. Have you ever wondered how you would fend in that situation? This might be your only chance to find out... Make it a Halloween to remember nbsp;- Book atnbsp; We look forward to seeing you soon! Tue, 27 Oct 2020 11:55:14 +0000 A Review Of The First Edition Of Breakout Unboxed! With the next edition of Breakout Unboxed about to launch, we thought wersquo;d share with you a review of our first game, written by one of our Game Operators - Tom from Liverpool!nbsp; - When I first opened our Unboxed game lsquo;Locked up in Laplandrsquo;, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Would it capture the excitement of a real life escape game? Would the puzzles be too hard? Would it definitely get me in the Christmas spirit?! I had many questions that Irsquo;m sure anyone whorsquo;s considering playing the game will have too, so here I will review the game and hopefully answer those questions along the way. As we picked up the first envelope the instructions were immediately clear and werenrsquo;t overwhelming, the starting point was well signposted and the theme was well laid out. The objective; find Santa Claus, rescue him, and save Christmas, was apparent from the start and my flatmate and I read through the instructions carefully until it was time to begin.nbsp; Each envelope has a clear order to be used in, and helpfully its contents are briefly listed on the front (so yoursquo;ll know straight away if you have all the right items to complete the puzzle). It works by following each step and using either the material provided or the web page that yoursquo;re sent to in order to play the game and solve the puzzles. Each puzzle was imaginative and different, with a wide range of skills needed to succeed.nbsp; Of course, some puzzles were harder than others, and often they took a few goes to get right - which made it even more satisfying when we arrived at the correct answer and were able to progress. We never felt frustrated or clueless with what to do, and the online system was extremely easy to navigate. The best part is that there were many points where you could take a break and come back to it if you wanted to (although we were so invested in the game that we didnrsquo;t do this!). All in all, the game took us about 1 hour and 10 minutes, but Irsquo;ve heard that some people have taken between 50 and 90 minutes to finish it. It goes really fast though as you end up getting so into the puzzles and having such a good time with it! Even though we played it as a group of two, there were no parts of it that specifically required more than one person at a time doing it, so even if you wanted to play it alone then you can, it will probably just take you a little bit longer to finish all the puzzles. As for the age range, Irsquo;d say that there are lots of puzzles for people of all ages, and enough fun and entertaining moments to interest children too! Some of the puzzles do have physical elements where you have to build something, and move other things around - so children especially might enjoy these aspects.nbsp; All in all, the quality of the box and the contents were fantastic and the theme was very fun. Even though itrsquo;s no longer the Christmas season you can still play it at any time of the year. You can now purchase the second edition with a brand new exciting theme and even more puzzles! Head tonbsp;www.breakoutunboxed.comnbsp;to get yours today! Mon, 08 Feb 2021 17:13:08 +0000 A weekend in Manchester! Are you looking for the perfect weekend away? Whether it's with your other half, family or just a group of mates, Manchester is the place to be. With the exciting night life and endless amounts of fun and activities to do in the day, there is always something going on in the city centre! Firstly, wersquo;re here! Breakout Manchester is going from strength to strength, with so many escape rooms to play wersquo;ve always got a challenge for you! Whether you want to bring friends, family, work colleagues, or your partner - therersquo;s something for everyone! We have easier rooms such as Facility X and Cursed Carnival which are perfect for beginners or for the whole family to enjoy.nbsp;If you fancy something a bit tougher - we have Most Wanted, Reclassified, The Emporium Of Magic, Immortal, The Detective Agency and Enchanted! And if yoursquo;re feeling super brave and want to take on one of our highest difficulty rooms, then we have Sabotage, Forsaken and Disturbed! Each of our rooms have been designed with great detail and are definitely some of the best escape rooms within the UK. Itrsquo;s incredibly easy to plan a little mini break in Manchester too! With extremely useful websites like KAYAK you can travel from anywhere and plan a great time doing as much as you can possibly imagine! Check out their Manchester guide here -nbsp;;for a great insight into Manchester and to find things to do whilst you are here! Another reason to choose Manchester for your weekend away is simply down to the vibes and culture! With hundreds of bars and restaurants offering many different slices of life to you all from one place...what could be better! We have amazing outdoor areas such as, Salford Quays, New Islington Marina, Castlefield Bowl and the many beautiful parks dotted around the city, perfect for nice long walks or a family day out to admire the beautiful Manchester greenery that streams throughout the city.nbsp; So what are you waiting for! Manchester is the place to be and the place to stay. We hope to see you soon! Fri, 05 Aug 2022 12:54:01 +0100 Check out our new site! - Newton Street As some of you may know we have recently opened the doors to our brand new site - Newton Street -nbsp;which is currently the home ofnbsp;sixnbsp;exciting escape rooms located just a 5 minute walk from ournbsp;othernbsp;Church Street site! Our Newton Street building is a 7000 Square footnbsp;spacenbsp;bringing you three completely brand newnbsp;escape roomsnbsp;and threenbsp;which have beennbsp;carried over from ournbsp;now closednbsp;High Street site.nbsp;Thenbsp;new rooms we have available here are Frankenstein, Unsolved and Crimson Lake Motel and the three rooms which have been carried over andnbsp;improvednbsp;are Enchanted, Forsaken and Immortal. Throughout the year we plan to bring innbsp;evennbsp;morenbsp;rooms to Newton Street,nbsp;somenbsp;whichnbsp;arenbsp;opening very soonnbsp;will be based on the popularnbsp;Netflix series "Money Heist"!nbsp; Frankenstein which is our newest room at Newton Street is a fournbsp;starnbsp;difficulty room which is perfect for thosenbsp;readynbsp;for a challenge! Thisnbsp;gamenbsp;consists of two separate rooms where your team will start in a mystical graveyard and then proceed to find yourselves in DR. Frankenstein's lab once the story unfolds and clues are solved... Our next room "Unsolved"nbsp;isnbsp;a threenbsp;starnbsp;difficulty room perfect for beginners or those that love a murder mystery!nbsp;On a dark and stormy evening, you've been lucky enough to be invited to a dinner party atnbsp;Tutornbsp;Hall, hosted by thenbsp;elusivenbsp;Dr. Black. The drinks are flowing and the evening is going well...that is, until the lights go out!nbsp;When the lights come back on, you and the other guestsnbsp;discover thatnbsp;Dr. Black has been murdered! You don't know who did it, but you know that the murdererer will surely strike again within the hour. It's your job to gather the clues and figure out who is responsible.nbsp;Will you solve this mystery in time? Or will this be one morenbsp;murdernbsp;that remains unsolved?nbsp; Finally our third newest room is "Crimson Lake Motel". This room is a 5 star difficulty room perfect for those escape roomnbsp;professionalsnbsp;or a team that is in search of a real challenge! This room is based in anbsp;hotel roomnbsp;which you and your team have checked into after winning a social media competition, however, once you have checked in, everything isn't quite what it seems...nbsp;You'venbsp;checked in but will you check out? We plan to bring you much more through out the year with brand new exciting Breakout rooms filled with endless challenges for those who love escape rooms! Our new site is located at 87 Newton Street, Manchester, M1 1EX so what are you waiting for? Come and play today! Fri, 10 Feb 2023 16:56:20 +0000 Don't Break Up … Break OUT! Share the love this Valentine's Day with an escape room as your chosen date destination! nbsp; We at Breakout believe that an escape room is the perfect place to spend quality time with your significant other. Being locked in a themed room for an hour solving puzzles and cracking codes is the best way to find out if a second date is on the cards ;) nbsp; Breakout escape rooms are a great choice of activity for couples this Valentine's Day because you can combine your teamwork skills to successfully break out! We can guarantee that your relationship will be stronger after doing an escape room together! nbsp; We've even had some proposals in our rooms before! Admittedly, some themes are more romantic than others, but why not commit to a future with your partner whilst escaping from a hoard of zombies, or whilst solving a murder mystery?nbsp; nbsp; With all our sites located in popular city centres, there's plenty of choices of nearby locations for a post-game drink or romantic meal. So book your game in to take on one of our adventures together, and if you want us to include a special personalised message on the TV screen - just send us an email and let us know! nbsp; Book online today atnbsp; Tue, 14 Feb 2023 13:49:38 +0000 School's out and family time is here! It's you vs the kids, how competitive are you? At Breakout we have many uniquely themed rooms available to test yourself with some crazy locks and puzzles. From the high security Rebel Bank to the mysterious Crimson Lake Motel, we have you covered! Situated in Manchester City Centre, we are very easy to find and close to Manchester's best restaurants and shops. No matter what the weather (hopefully sunny!), why not come take an hour out of your day to see if the kids can finally prove they are smarter than the parents? There is something for everyone with difficulty ratings from 3 stars for newbies to 4 or 5 stars for more experienced members! Have you ever dreamt of being a bank robber for the day or imagined your life in a zombie apocalypse? Take a look at our 15 different rooms to discover all the fun we have to offer! We hope to see you this summer holiday, our favourite time of year! Mon, 24 Jul 2023 13:05:18 +0100 Challenge Point - Where you become the star of the show! Hello Breakout fans! As some of you may be aware our new sister company, Challenge Point, hasopened its doors at our Newton Street site. Have you ever wanted the opportunity to take on yourfavourite game show? Perhaps yoursquo;ve even applied and had no luck? Now is your chance! A mash-up of the game show formula, teams of 2-6 will play 5 unique minigames and vie for pollposition on our leaderboards. Therersquo;s also the chance to play an extra game, known as The Point, forour high scoring teams! Typically lasting 60-90 minutes, Challenge Point is suitable for all! Test your communication and driving in Tokyo Tank, put your dexterity to the test in the Laser Maze,show off your short game in Mini Golf and more! Be aware though that our games may not be whatthey seem at first glancehellip; Challenge Point is a different adventure to Breakout, a truly unique experience inspired by classicand new game shows which comes together to make a memorable, family-friendly day out inManchester. Challenge Point will see you playing rapid fire rounds across several rooms, instead ofthe deep hour-long challenge of an escape room. Breakout is at the forefront of UK escape rooms; we believe that Challenge Point will push theboundary of live entertainment once again. Click below to book now and see the start of a first of itskind experience. Herersquo;s a quote from our founders, Ed and Dave, on why they took on this passion project that wasthe driving force behind our new Newton Street location: ldquo;Ever since we popularised and spread the escape room formula to the rest of the Northwest wersquo;vewanted to replicate that excitement for fresh, live entertainment. This is why we moved into our new,larger premises on Newton Street last October so that we would have the space to pursue this goal.We love the concept of Challenge Point, who doesnrsquo;t want to try their hand at a game show?rdquo;Check out the Challenge Point website and book here: See you soon! Mon, 25 Sep 2023 11:25:48 +0100 Breakout Manchester X AquAid Here at Breakout Manchester, we are aware that keeping our team hydrated will aid them to perform at their very best throughout the work day. As a result, we decided to invest in;from AquAid. Our unique relationship with AquAid has also given our company the opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves, because with each purchase an automatic donation is made to The Africa Trust. These funds are used to build lsquo;Elephant Pumpsrsquo; - a modified version of an age old Chinese rope pulley system. One such pump is currently being installed in Africa on our behalf and it will be a much needed source of clean and fresh drinking water for many. Our organisationrsquo;s name will be proudly displayed on our well and we look forward to adding a photo and a letter of thanks from the villagers to our socials in the near future. To date AquAid have built over 8,000 such Elephant Pumps across parts of Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe; and have donated in excess of pound;20 million to charity. Mon, 06 Nov 2023 13:59:51 +0000 BREAKOUT MANCHESTER 2023 UNWRAPPED! t's time to unveil the highlights and triumphs of Breakout throughout the last year - it'snbsp;Breakout Manchester UNWRAPPED! 2023 was a rollercoaster of fun challenges and many victories for our customers... In 2023 we hosted a staggeringnbsp;19,785 games. Testing the minds of our loyal and brave escapees.nbsp; Augustnbsp;was our busiest month, withnbsp;2235nbsp;games being played in the height of summer! 44.75%nbsp;of you successfully broke out! Our most popular room wasnbsp;The Detective Agencynbsp;which enticed detective fans far and wide withnbsp;approximately 1900 bookings! We hosted multiple events this year, raising money for charity and engaging with the local community. - We raisednbsp;pound;2704.20nbsp;across all our sites to support the Turkey/Syria earthquake appeal. - We invested innbsp;AquAidnbsp;to help provide clean water pumps to those less fortunate. - We provided overnbsp;150 game vouchersnbsp;for local charities/fundraising events. - Finally we worked alongside the University Of Manchester Escape Room Society bringing students from all different backgrounds together to enjoy some escape room fun! The heart of our success lies in the satisfaction of our players. In 2023 we received overnbsp;190 five star TripAdvisor reviews. Highlighting the thrilling challenges, immersive environments and exceptional customer service that sets us apart from our competitors. 2023 saw us launch 5 brand new exciting escape rooms innbsp;quick succession!nbsp;Frankenstein, The Vault A amp; B, Forgotten Tombnbsp;and our latestnbsp;Murder On The Dance Floornbsp;have all become very popular here at Breakout Manchester! We ended the year with a new festive escape room -nbsp;A Christmas Nightmarenbsp;and also saw the return of an all time favouritenbsp;Christmas Chaosnbsp;which may be back next year! (Keep your eyes peeled!) As we reflect on the incredible journey that was 2023, We are extremely grateful for the trust and enthusiasm of our players. The statistics speak volumes, but it's the shared moments of triumph and joy that truly define our success. As we open the door to 2024, we invite both seasoned escape artists and first-time adventurers to join us for another year of challenges, surprises, and unparalleled escapades. Thank you for being a part of our story ndash; together, we'll continue to unlock new levels of excitement and adventure!nbsp; Thu, 01 Feb 2024 16:10:22 +0000 Unlocking Love: Valentine's Day at Breakout Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate this romantic season than with an adventure that challenges both your wits and your heart? This Valentine's Day, Breakout invites you to embark on a journey unlike any other. Step into our world of mystery, puzzles, and excitement, where love is the key to unlocking every enigma. Picture this: you and your beloved are locked in a room, surrounded by clues and puzzles waiting to be solved. As you work together to unravel each mystery, you'll discover new facets of your relationship, deepening your bond with every clue cracked and every door opened. Tired of the same old dinner and a movie routine? Spice things up this Valentine's Day with a date night that's anything but ordinary. Our escape rooms offer an immersive experience that will leave you and your partner talking for days. Whether you're a new couple looking to break the ice or seasoned lovebirds seeking a fresh thrill, our escape rooms are the perfect setting for an unforgettable date. Who knows? You might even start a new Valentine's Day tradition, returning year after year to relive the magic of your first escape room adventure together. It's time to plan the perfect Valentine's surprise for that special someone.nbsp;Book your escape room experience today and embark on a journey that's as thrilling as it is romantic. Whether you're celebrating a new love, rekindling an old flame, or simply enjoying the company of a cherished friend, our escape rooms are the ideal destination for love, laughter, and adventure. Tue, 13 Feb 2024 15:15:17 +0000 The perfect activity to take on this Easter! Spring is here and Easter is hopping around the corner! This year, ditch the traditional egg hunt and embark on an egg-straordinary adventure at Breakout! We're combining the thrill of escape rooms with the classic joy of Easter egg hunts for an unforgettable experience for all ages. This Easter will see the return of our popular Easter Egg hunt as our staff will be hiding sweet treats for you and your team to find within each of our escape rooms! Use your Escape Room skills combined with your Easter Egg hunting instincts to crack codes whilst picking up sweet chocolate treats along the way! Open from 9:30am - 10:30pm throughout the Easter holidays, Breakout offers you 17 live escape rooms with each being differently themed so there is something for everyone to enjoy! Thu, 28 Mar 2024 18:42:45 +0000 Error

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